“Making Words Work”

The art of communication involves many disciplines. All must be considered, and all must be executed successfully, for your organization, for-profit or non-profit, to succeed. At Liskar, we understand and respect the tools of both the traditional and new media. Our services include:

Writing and editing

Whether for web or print, our experienced and award-winning writing and editing staff will make the words work for you by creating content that is not only concise and accurate but as compelling as possible.

Web-based tools and business services

Would your organization benefit from on-line membership rosters or client lists securely accessible to one or several administrators from different locations? On-line sign-up and management of member-based activities? Integration with email lists or existing databases? This is our specialty - we’ll custom-tailor on-line tools to fit the way your organization works.

Whatever your communications needs, Liskar can help you meet your goals by making the words and technology work for you in a cost effective way. Please contact us for more information.